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Collegiate atheltics

THE prOGRAM goals

Our program is the fundamental that is needed for these goals to be accomplished. When important
things start creating pressures in a student-athletes life, until they can get themselves back into control
(proper state of mind), they’re not doing things the easiest, quickest or most efficient way. When their
anger and fears are controlling their actions, they’re at risk. You can apply this concept to pressure moments
in sport or to any important moment in a student-athletes life.
I’d be happy to discuss the specifics of our process with interested parties.

athletes goals

Grades & social life in control

Being under control when the constant pressure of tests and socializing arise allows our student athletes to perform at their highest levels; building self-confidence.

be the best player they can be

When the fear of performance wants to interfere, the player who knows how to talk it down eliminates ‘choking’ and instead gives their best performance.

Prepares for life after college sport

We know emotional control and social skills are more important to our happiness and success than our technical and occupational skills. Our participants will head out into the world equipped with these skills


My coaching aims to tackle fear based anxiety performance. Common fear based thoughts such as "am i good enough?" hinders a player performance and mental health.


Anger and passion can sometimes be great when harnessed correctly in sport. Anger that isn't managed can ruin a player's performance and their life.


While normal and part of every college experience, it can sometimes be a release for issues that haven't been dealt with in a healthy manner. I tackle issues of the pursuits of pleasure.


At heart of every aspect of my coaching program is teaching and empowering athletes and coaches to harness and control their emotions, thoughts and experiences to give them the best outcomes in life.


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