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sample areas of ONE-ON-ONE COACHING

Week 1

<-- Back To Resources WEEK 1 History Of Survival We’re here because our ancestors survived. Let’s briefly look at how this history created our strong tendencies for anger, fear, and excitement. Long time ago life was much different than it is today. Our ancestors lived in a very dangerous place.

Essential Concepts

<-- Back To Resources ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS Brain Function How the left side and right side of your brain interact Mixing emotions How our Mix produces our thoughts, emotions and actions Getting in control How to get rid of your concerns before proceeding Relationship Work The do’s and

Great Support

<-- Back To Resources GREAT SUPPORT The ingredients of feeling wonderful Over the years of doing my reps, I’ve moved through the stages of being a very chaotic individual, to being in a more peaceful state, and then to where I could actually feel joy.  The journey through these states

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Coach Bob Glotzhober grew up in the Detroit area in the ‘60s when cars and music made Detroit one of the hottest spots in the nation. Bob entered the financial services industry in his mid-twenties and developed his own successful financial services business that he operated for 15 years. Bob left the financial services industry in his mid-40s and created his consulting company Realchange. He’s been coaching individuals from all walks of life for the last 20 years in handling the tension and pressures that get in the way of a happy and successful life. His dedication to research continues to increase the effectiveness of his programs. He’s a regular guest on national radio, a guest on web streaming shows, and president of a non-profit. Bob currently resides in Novi, Michigan.



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