Technology can be a bit overwhelming to us ‘old folk’

Technology can be a bit overwhelming to us ‘old folk’…lol. It’s amazing all the chances we have to expand our knowledge and save time with all the new technology. Yet, it can also seem so daunting we ‘back-off’ because we fear our ability to learn. I fought that feeling of fear for way too long and finally found a solution. Using new software programs as an example, I found someone who I could remotely share my screen with (using skype) and instead of me watching them, I had them tell me what to do. I needed to do the steps, not to watch and take notes. This eliminated all my fears and frustrations because the first time I did it, it worked!! Depending on how complex the new software was determined how many times I had to go through this shared screen process. I’m glad I refuse to let my fears and frustrations keep me from having a wonderful adventure. Climbing over our fears brings a whole new landscape into view.

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