The Power of Confidence

Confidence! Here’s a word which has many different uses. When I think of confidence, I equate it with a lack of fear. The more confident I feel, the less fear I feel. I can see why psychology is big on us having a ‘great’ self-image; the more we see ourselves as ‘great’ the more confident and the less fear we feel. That’s not to say when we’re confident the fear doesn’t try to creep in. Our ancient emotional system of fight or flee must certainly play at times. What allows us to have confidence is having the memories of being successful in our past. So, when the pressures of life start ‘squeezing’ us, we need to draw upon our successes in the past and block out the failures of our past. Not always easy to do, but practising vividly seeing our successes when the fear starts setting in, is a big step in the right direction!

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