Overcoming our fear

Worry and concern!  Two concepts that follow us around for a lifetime.  They’re built into our make-up and they’re not going away anytime soon.  So, instead of worrying, I try and tone it down when it surfaces because when I send my worry and concern into what I’m involved with it increases the time it takes and reduces the quality.  It can be very difficult to do at times.  What’s been good lately, is although my worries and fears can grip me tightly, I no longer have to act on them!  And the more success I have the quicker I can loosen their grip.  When we understand our worries and concerns are just part of who we’ll always be, instead of what has to dictate our behaviour, it changes the game.  We see we can’t help but worry, but we see our worry, not as the truth, just the product of how we’re wired.  We see we have other choices.  We can see when we feel the worry we can step back and get back into control.  As the successes pile up, our confidence grows, and the process gets easier.

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