Handling difficult tasks

When we’re involved with a task that’s getting the better of us what is the best way to proceed?  For me, it’s a choice between reaching out for support or continuing to grow my frustrations.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  When I know it’s over my head and others have done it a million times before, I usually reach out for support, so I don’t waste my time.  When it’s something I know something about, I like to climb over my fear and at least give it a go.  I’m learning the most important first step is for me to view the task as a learning experience.  There’s no reason for my fear and if I run into problems I’ll try and view them as an opportunity to extend my learning curve.  When it ceases to be fun, I’ll take a break or ask for help.  What I try to never do is send my worries and frustrations into the task.  I learned long ago that’s the biggest mistake I can make.

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