Under Control

Long ago, when I started my journey into what turned out to be ‘Coach Bob’, the method I used to try and figure out how to be both successful and happy kept returning to the same concept.  I found one concept, more than any other, was the simplest and easiest way for me to keep moving forward.  I saw no matter what I was involved with at the time; family, friends, intimate relationships or business, this concept was the most essential.  Care to guess what it is?  It’s simply being able to get myself in control of my state of mind when the pressure in these areas of life was bearing down on me.  As long as I could take a deep breath and slow down long enough to calm down and think it through, things always turned out alright.  It’s when I couldn’t calm down and let my anger, fear or excitement run the show I did the things that I paid the price for.   All the effort I’ve made over the years to control my energy when it matters has given me by far my most valuable skill—emotional control when it matters most.   It’s at the heart of all my coaching.

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