When unexpected events occur

When things don’t go as planned life can get pretty hectic!  Even though we know life takes its twists and turns, we still get perplexed when the unforeseen enters the picture.  Being outcome-based creatures, we can get really bothered when things don’t go as planned.  What are our options when life takes a turn for the worst?   Seems we’ve got two basic choices; to allow our frustrations and concerns determine what we do next or realize life will always affect us in unforeseen ways and the best we’ve got when that happens is to calm down and get in control.  Much easier to let our emotions of anger and fear lead the way.  It’s our natural response and seems like the only choice we have at the time disaster strikes.  Very easy to justify our negative feelings when the outside world interferes with our plans.  But where does that get us?  I think we’ll all agree getting in control will lead to our best efforts.  We might not be able to pull off what we intended, but we’ll make the best of the situation and that builds our self-confidence.          

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