Importance of energy

Many years ago when I started my searching I stumbled on to the idea ‘energy’ had something to do with what life is all about.  It just made sense to me if all matter is made of energy since I’m made of matter I’m made of energy!  Spending the last 25 years trying to figure out what ‘energy’ is all about has been a wonderful, if not confusing at times, journey.  What’s cool now is I’ve broken it down into simple concepts so I can use my knowledge of energy quickly and efficiently.  An example would be when I’m feeling restless about anything.  I’ve learned when I allow my ‘restless energy’ to be controlling my thoughts and actions everything seems to be a struggle.  And conversely, when I’m feeling wonderful, everything seems to be almost effortless.  What this has convinced me to believe, at least for now, is how my ‘energy’ is flowing through me has a lot to do with the quality of my life.  I see taking care of my ‘energy’ as a way to do a very valuable exercise; practising a very high level of self-love.

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