Who are we—Part 1

Every day we go around having thoughts in our head and emotions running around in our bodies.  Science is pretty clear on the fact our thoughts combine with our emotions and make us take the actions we do.  If I were to ask you where your thoughts and emotions come from, how would you answer?  I ask this of the people I coach when I first meet them, and like me when first asked, they have no clue.  It still seems strange to me that we don’t really care where and how we create what makes us do what we do.  We simply follow our thoughts and emotions wherever they take us.  Hate to say it but in many ways, we’re robots to our thoughts, emotions, and actions.    What I’ve experienced is the more I know about why I do what I do, the more control I develop over my actions.  Very valuable stuff. When I first started on my journey of trying to understand the human condition the question of where my thoughts and emotions come from didn’t even enter the picture.  It wasn’t until I started investigating the latest neuroscience had to offer I ran into where our thoughts and emotions come from.  Although we still know very little how all the processes in our brain actually work, we’re starting to get a glimpse into what’s going on up in our head and it’s pretty remarkable!  So, the answer to the question of where our thoughts and emotions are created is:  In the unconscious part of our brain.  How our brain turns this unconscious process into our thoughts, emotions, and actions will be investigated in Part 2.  

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