A thought on mental illness

All alone. Not a good place to be when you’re depressed.  But a place we seem to find when we are depressed.  All of us suffer to some degree of depression and some of us are the lucky ones who don’t visit that city too often or too intensely. Suicides now out-number deaths by breast cancer and driving fatalities.  A prominent University is hanging nets under bridges that students are using to commit suicide.  I’d guess most of the mass shootings have separation and/or depression somewhere in the shadows.  It’s becoming clearer that mental health is becoming a major problem for our society. Hopefully, we’ll spend the resources to educate and reach out to those of us that perceive our lives as meaningless, instead of turning away in disgust when we see others acting like they’re crazy. I try and remember how lucky I am that I don’t have their genetics or past memories, because if I did, I’d be in the same place they are. Compassion and support seem to be in short supply for the mentally challenged.  Unfortunately, what we need the most in times of depression is what we withdraw from; social interaction.  When possible, when someone we know is feeling down, spending time with them might be a wonderful thing for both of us.  

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