Being our best under pressure

What are the fundamental aspects of a great performance? Seems to me there are two concepts that come together whenever we experience the best we’ve got. Doesn’t matter if it’s a test in school, interviewing for a job, or dealing successfully with relationships. The two main fundamentals as I see it are: 

  • Having the information up in our brain that’s needed to do the performance 
  • Being in control of our state of mind so our brain can let it all come out in the best way possible. 

With 100 billion neurons connecting 100 trillion passageways, if we have the information stored, it will come out the best way possible if we keep our anger and fear at bay.  For me, I try and center on having fun learning from the competition knowing once it’s over I’ll have the information I need to know what to practice next.  However, if I’m fearful, all I’m learning for the millionth time is my fear always gets in my way.  How many more times to I need to learn that??  When you remind your brain by having fun and refusing to judge your performance you walk away with exactly what you need to know to improve.  Notice, it keeps getting back to what we’ve been practicing all along; making our wonderful energy primary, not the outcomes.  Making our energy primary will produce the quickest way to where we want to go.  The pressure that holds us back is our fear of not producing.  We’ll never climb over our fear until we forget about the outcome and have fun learning to be happy and successful.  

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