Being the best you can be means staying in the present

The only moment we ever experience is the one we’re in.  We experience what we think is our past or future with the feelings and thoughts we have in the moment we are thinking about them—we never enter the past or future!  And how often does our future ever turn out like we planned?  What a joke that is.   We spend so much time in the present imagining a finish line and try to figure out what to do to get there, or we see a finish line and try figuring all the problems that will be in our way we’ll need to solve.   We don’t even know how it will play out, yet we’re spending all our valuable mental time playing with a future that won’t exist.  Wouldn’t it seem more beneficial if instead we used our mental time to focus on what needs to be done today, because the best we do today will determine what we have tomorrow.    Since we only experience the present, doesn’t it sound reasonable to place our attention in the present?  Case in point:   I’m developing a new platform with my business.  I can overwhelm myself with everything that will need to be done to make it successful.  Or, I can see the immediate steps that need to be taken right now and give them my best effort.  And because of my successful experiences in working like this, I know it will give me the best chance I have.  So most every day I’m motivated to put my best energy into what needs to be done right now, and I accomplish so much in so little time with so little effort.   Not to mention I love the work while I’m doing it!

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