Can I change others?

Changing ourselves is hard enough.  Changing others is way out of our pay grade!  The type of energy we bring to another definitely has an effect on them, but if they’re not wanting to change and not willing to put in the work that’s needed to change, not much will be different over the long haul.  When we send others are good energy it makes us feel good, but that’s no guarantee on how they’ll respond.  The least we get when we send others are good energy is we’re feeling good!  Their Mix is in control of them, we certainly aren’t.  We are not responsible for what they’re mixing and they’re not responsible for what we are mixing!  Understanding what we’re in control of and what we’re not gives us a view of what our reality is, instead of thinking about some fantasy world we want others to operate in.  By continuing to fuel our thoughts and emotions with the best energy we can produce and understanding how we and others operate as humans, we have a more accurate picture of what we’re dealing with, so we improve the quality of our choices.  By continuing to improve the quality of our feelings by doing the repetitions/experiment, our life will continue to improve.  Not always the easiest job, but one that will make our lives better.   

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