Dealing with our anger

A car pulls out in front of us, almost hitting us. This moment is a great example of how important context is. Here are just a couple of ways we could experience this. We could see the other driver in the context of a jerk. We could see them in the context of an old person who shouldn’t be driving. We could see them as mentally challenged and cut them some slack. We could see them as just getting the news an important family member died. I could list limitless examples of context we could believe in. Which one would be right? How could we ever know? Since we can’t possibly know, why wouldn’t we choose a context that makes us stay in control, so we make an appropriate and safe response to the situation? Easier said than done!   There’s a reason our prisons are filled with those of us that couldn’t control our anger.  Getting angry while driving is just one example of how situations like these are a good way to see how the outside world can ‘push’ us over the edge.  I’ve been practicing ‘chilling’ when others interfere with my ‘trip’ whether it be driving or otherwise, and I’m finding it’s so much better for me when I give the other person a ‘break’!  Why pour gasoline on a fire you want to put out??

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