Dealing with toxic relationships

It’s hard to avoid toxic relationships.   All of us have more than one in our lifetime.  And I’m sure there’s been many times when I was the one creating the toxicity.     When I feel the tension, I first try and practice acceptance to see if I can make the relationship work.  If after I’ve given it my best effort and things don’t change I removed myself from the relationship.  Since I only have one lifetime I’m not going to waste it on someone whose Mix just doesn’t fit with mine.  I’ve learned I’m not responsible for their Mix and, after giving it my best energy, if I believe staying in the relationship will not change anything what good is to come from staying?  By staying I damage myself and have less to give others.  For me, nothing is worth more than my peaceful energy and to stay in an environment that makes it impossible for me to be peaceful would be unthinkable because of who I am now.  Not that I haven’t stayed and suffer, but thankfully I’ve learned from those times and know moving on is the only beneficial move I can make.   On the other hand, many people because of their Mix can’t leave toxic relationships either because of guilt, obligation, finances or fear of the unknown and end up suffering immensely; I certainly did.  The one thing I know to be true for me is not to let my anger or fear determine what I do.  I kept working until I created a story that gave me the knowingness of what to do to change my environment for the better.

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