Getting the most of a ‘Job’ interview

When it’s time to show our ‘stuff’, the pressure can really mount. Let’s take a look at what we’re facing when we’re interviewing for a job. We all go through many ‘interviews’ concerning work during our life. No matter if it’s an interview with a new company or trying to advance in our current company, it’s only natural to feel the pressure. In these types of situations, it might help if we remember this concept: The easiest way to handle the pressure is to listen to what they’re asking and honestly express yourself. By doing so you show them you’re attentive (listening) and they find out exactly who you are so they can see if you’re a fit for them. Why would you want to go to work there if you weren’t a good fit? Besides, trying to figure out what they want to hear instead of honestly expressing is easily picked up by a skilled interviewer. So, hopefully, by seeing it’s just a simple job of listening and being honest, you relieve yourself of the pressure and can peacefully enjoy the interaction. When an interviewer sees you’re in control, attentive and honest, you give yourself a great chance of ending up working in an environment you’ll enjoy.   And notice, listening and being honest is the easiest way to handle the situation even if you’re a little nervous. 

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