Haunted by past trauma

No one can cut out their past experiences.  Unfortunately, some of us have it way worse than others.  We cannot ever know why bad random events that harm us happen.  Why are some children born into poverty and some are not?  Neither can we know why others do the terrible things they do.  All we can do is deal with our present situation.   What you’ve signed up for during the 90 days is to see what happens when you observe when these terrible feelings come up and tell yourself there’s nothing that can change the past or the other people involved.  It’s just what life gave you to bear.   Instead of being tortured by them the rest of your life, you’ve made a 90-day attempt at catching yourself, stepping back, taking a deep breath and reminding yourself you’re experimenting with a completely, counterintuitive approach, of dealing with your issues.  Since you experimented with this approach, after 90 days you found out that you feel better by using the process.  Stay with the experiment.  That will be tough at times.   Consistently, when you’re feeling bothered about anything, step back and change your energy.  You need to learn how to feel at peace with where you are, because you can’t be anywhere else!  Remember this scientific fact–The environment energy is in determines it’s form.  I know it’s hard not to keep running toxic energy through your body, but it’s killing you!  Keep doing your repetitions and say no to the bad stuff when it shows up and replace it with as much peaceful energy as you can.  Keep me posted as to how you’re doing, I love hearing from you!  There’s a better life ahead and you have the talent to make it happen.  Best, Coach

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