Moving beyond our anger and fear

The reason we have so much anger and fear are because they allowed our ancestors to survive.  Life created anger and fear to survive!  Now, life seems to be creating something new to help us manage our anger and fear.  Since most of us aren’t living the type of lifestyle suited to anger and fear—life threatening—we’re now better off if we can get back in control when danger arises.  Our challenges are no longer life and death and if we treat them as such we’re literally killing ourselves with our stress, weakened immune system, lack of concentration, memory loss and horrible decision making.  So, if you’re not experimenting daily with catching yourself and stepping back, you’re probably doing some pretty messed up stuff and you don’t even know it.  It’s a lifelong effort because our anger and fear is not going away any time soon.  Stay the course.  It gets easier the more you stay with it, and the benefit is being the best you can be!

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