Purpose determines results

To bring an effortless quality control system to what you do simply ask yourself this question:  “Am I doing this primarily because I’m trying to ‘earn’ something by accomplishing my goal, or am I spending time on the activity because I like to ‘learn’ more about it?”   When we are doing something we want to be doing and we get bothered by our performance or someone interfering, that tells us we’re trying to ‘earn’ not trying to ‘learn’.  We’ve all followed our angers and fears in the pursuit of our goals, little knowing how destructive they were to our progress.  If instead, we’d just had fun learning about it through trial and error we’d be so much farther ahead.  Another real-life example of how the environment our energy is in determines what we experience.   Check to see what energy is surrounding your important stuff and you’ll quickly see if you’re trying to ‘earn’ or ‘learn’.

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