The benefit of eliminating our worries and concerns

Instead of worrying about the stuff we worry about, we’re learning to nurture the belief it’s better not to worry.  We’ve learned sending our fearful energy into what we’re involved with gets a much different result than when we’re having fun working on it. It can be difficult at times. My worries and concerns can grip me so tight, even though I know they’re not in my best interest. Sometimes I can’t fight them off for long periods at a time.  What’s been good lately, is although they sometimes grip me tightly, I no longer act on them! And it seems the more time goes by, the quicker I can loosen their grip. When I understand my worries and concerns are just part of who I’ll always be, instead of what has to dictate my behavior, it changes the game for me. I see I can’t help but worry, but I see my worry, not as the truth, just the product of how I’m wired. I see I have other choices. I can see when I feel the worry I can step back and get back into control. As the successes pile up, my confidence grows, and the process gets easier.   And remember, you’re best always comes out when you remove the fear.   Tough stuff at times but ALWAYS your best result!

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