The benefit of understanding our Mix

Where do the thoughts and the emotions we have come from? They seem so natural because we’ve been allowing our thoughts and emotions to determine our actions our entire lifetime.  Until we took this program, most of us never consider the process that makes us do what we do. The reason we didn’t is our thoughts, emotions and the actions they produce come from our best ‘guess’ based on what we’ve been exposed to in our past. Tough not to follow the best we’ve got! But what happens when we want to do something new, something different? What do we do if we want to change from following our current thoughts and emotions? Pretty tough to talk down what we know based on our past. That’s why change is hard; we must go against our current wisdom to some extent. The courage it takes to go against our current wisdom comes from new knowledge that produces more successful experiences, rather than following our current wisdom. Change happens by being courageous!!

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