The importance of self-confidence and self-compassion

How we feel about ourselves is a big deal. All the disciplines dealing with mental health have as their goal in one way or another having people feel good about themselves. This ranges from self-confidence on one end to self-compassion on the other. We all have experienced what it feels like to feel on top of the world and at the bottom. Our opinions of ourselves are formed when our genetics and our memories mix with the situation we’re in. For example, if the situation is something we’re comfortable with, we feel fairly good about ourselves. On the other hand, when we’re afraid we have doubts about our ability to deliver what we want. And, as failures build up over our lives, the less confidence and compassion we have for ourselves.  One of the biggest benefits we get from managing our energy is the success and pride we feel within because of our efforts.  Managing our energy is a sure-fire way to build the self-confidence and self-compassion that makes us become happier and more successful! Keep up the effort!

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