The ingredients of feeling wonderful

Over the years of doing my reps, I’ve moved through the stages of being a very chaotic individual, to being in a more peaceful state, and then to where I could actually feel joy.  The journey through these states of being has led me to the stage I am currently— feeling wonderful.  I don’t believe any journey is a straight line, but it seems from what I’ve and others experience these stages are familiar to anyone who chases the concept of letting their energy be primary.  The one thing I can share about my state of feeling wonderful is that it is comprised of three specific elements:

Gratitude—I’m lucky enough to have made it to this point.  Feeling blessed because I’ve been given the chance through no choice of my own.  I’m certainly privileged to be where I am right now, and it makes me humble and grateful.

Safety—I know I’m the safest I can be when I’m feeling wonderful because when I’m in this state I have the highest level of concentration, memory, decision making and mental and physical health.   Death will certainly find me and those I care about.  Safety isn’t about avoiding the unavoidable, it’s about not fearing the present.  To live without fear, and to be able to vanish it when it shows up, makes me feel safe. 

Belief in a better future—Because I’m grateful and feel safe, I know today I’m being the best I can be and that has to produce my best possible future.  Instead of stressfully wasting my time trying to make today shape my tomorrow, I go through my day giving my best energy to what’s in front of me.

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