The intimate relationship ‘blame’ game is so destructive

When we have a relationship problem, one of the things we do to make it worse is blame the other person for what they’ve done or are doing.  Once we realize people are only following their mix we understand they can’t be anyone else in any given moment, and neither can we.  If we had their same genetics and their same memories and we’re in the situation they find themselves, we’d be acting just like them.  So, when we blame, all we’re doing is pouring gas on a fire.  They need to be wrong so it’s not our fault.  Truth is, it’s nobody’s fault.  Everyone is just playing out their mix.  The skill you’re learning is to not take it personal and just allow them to be who they are.  Once you can do that you won’t feel the anger you’ve got pent up inside, so you won’t need to blame them and just making things worse.    Step back, deep breath and get back in control, if you want to be the best you can be for you and those you love.   

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