What is the happiest we can be?

What’s really “As good as it gets?”  I’m not talking about a singular moment in time.  I’m talking about on an ongoing basis.  What’s the highest quality of happiness we can achieve?  First, we might define what we mean by happiness.  I’ll propose the highest level of happiness occurs when we accept things the way they are.  Let’s face it, life will always put hurdles in our way that doesn’t make us feel ‘happy’, so being able to accept life the way it is, is probably “As good as it gets!”.  Instead of being angry or fearful, our belief that everyone is playing out their Mix makes us accepting of whatever is going on.  We may not like it, but our displeasure is overpowered by our acceptance.   We can take a deep breath and relax into our knowingness that things are the way they have to be in the moment.  And we also can relax in our knowingness the energy we send through us and out into the world will have an effect on future present moments in the best possible way.  It’s being able to accept and learn from what is that allows us to follow our peaceful energy instead of our bothered energy.   I can’t think of another philosophy I’d rather live by knowing everything is as it should be and me accepting of all of it.  Not having to hold me or anybody else up for the way things are.  Realizing everyone is playing out their Mix and the result of this is what is.  No longer bothered by anything and being led by the energy this philosophy creates.  Might you suggest something better?  

Now, it’s not easy to adopt this philosophy as a way of life.  We’ve lived our whole life judging everything, including ourselves as either good or bad, right or wrong.  To gain the benefit of living the happiest life possible, we need to overcome a lifetime of judging everything.  Life wants to survive, and it has done so by fighting or fleeing.  Judging whether to fight or flee is so ingrained in us.  The only way I know of overcoming this hurdle is to somehow get into my Mix the positive experiences created when I’m accepting not judging.  As my brain figures out my survival is much better accepting than judging, it has to make the switch!  Not so sure what made me write this or you to read this, but by doing so we’ve put the experience of thinking about it into our Mix.  Hope it does as much for your happiness and it has done for mine.

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