When an important task creates fear

I can’t count the times the thoughts of having to accomplish a certain task has me dreading it.  My angst comes from either the amount of effort it will take, or my fear that I might not be able to deliver.   This is a reoccurring theme for me.   What is helping me now remove my angst is I’ve experimented enough with situations like these and have successful memories of going about it in a certain way that always works.  Here’s the actual happenings of a recent experience for me:

A new opportunity came out of the blue.  Something I’ve been looking to do for years.  The thought then hit me I would need to redo both my websites, new videos, new copy, new software and new training.  My mix immediately made we question the threats.  What are all the things that need to be done? Will the creativity I’ll need find me?  Will the finished process work?  When questions like this entered my mind my emotions get bothered and I run away, which only makes me fear the situation more.

Fortunately, there’s a simple, effortless solution that has always worked in the past.  All I need to do is take that step back when the doubts come up and know  if I just give my wonderful energy to the project everything will be fun and super effective.  Regarding the situation just mentioned, I got home one afternoon around 2 pm and before 4:30 pm I had recorded the two new homepage video’s and redesigned the rest of both sites and sent the instructions to my IT person.  In fact, it’s this project that’s making me right this post.  When you turn important stuff over to your wonderful energy, it’s done!   

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