When it’s tough to feel wonderful

The skill of managing our energy is meant for our tougher times.  It’s relatively easy to be under control when things are good.  It’s when we’re out of control that it’s difficult to get back in control.  Our anger, fear and pursuit of pleasure will never leave us.  We’re made that way.  We don’t even know why we sometimes can or can’t get back in control.  Sometimes I wake up and for some reasons I don’t feel right.  Instead of feeling that wonderful feeling I feel most of the time now, some days are tough.  Since I can never know where the mood came from all I’ve got to work with is trying to build up the motivation to get back in control of where I want to be.  What’s happens sometimes is I stay in that ‘chaotic’ mood for a while.  Can’t quite figure out why it’s so hard sometimes but after a while I get tired of feeling like this and I give all my energy into creating that wonderful feeling inside me.   This is the toughest work I face in life; when my energy is not wonderful and I have to dig down deep and change my energy into feeling wonderful.   But the effort is so worth it because I see that I can be in control.  I live with the safety that no matter what might befall me, I will be able to rise up and create wonderful things.  

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