When random events shatter our life—dealing with big setbacks

What are the lessons to learn from our big losses or setbacks? When we’re informed of some really bad news what’s the way to get back into control so we can handle the damage?  It’s hard to concentrate on these important questions when we’re at ground zero.  What doesn’t change is the fact the sooner we can compose ourselves, the better off we are.  We’ve all heard these statements: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “this to will past”.  These well-worn statements/concepts have gotten a lot of us through the ‘hard times’. Once we get through the toughest part; ground zero, it’s time to take some quiet time to settle down and think through what happened. ‘Knee-jerk’ reactions to bad random events usually make matters worse.  Remember, acting out our natural feelings of anger or fear when ‘bad news’ finds us is a recipe for more trouble.  We need to be extra careful when life hits us hard.  Big losses or setbacks inflict pain, that’s true. But the event will pass and the quicker we get in control the less damage we’ll experience.

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