Dealing with family fear

Although we know it’s only by doing something new and different we’ll change, there’s something pretty strong that keeps us from doing it.  And that pretty strong thing is our fear.  Our fear of doing something new takes many forms, but for the sake of our purpose, we’ll concentrate on one specific form we all have experienced multiply times and will in the future.  I’m referring to when we have discomfort in family matters.  It could be with an issue with a parent, sibling, child, spouse, or in-law.   We all know the ‘gut punch’ feeling these situations cause and how they linger on and create our anger and fear.

What you’re learning thru this process is to prepare first when you’ve observed you’re not in control.  So, first, take that deep breath until you’re aware of what you’re dealing with.  You may not be able to get back in control initially, but with effort, you’ll get back in control and not act on your discomfort.  It then might make sense to remind yourself the person is who they are and acting like they are because they have to be themselves.  Don’t take it personally.  This alone will make their conduct less irritating, and if you can stay in control long enough the situation will find its quickest and most peaceful solution.  Whatever you do, try not to remain in the situation when you can’t control the energy running through your body.  Remove yourself if you can’t.  You’ll have to come up with a new story that is more powerful than your fearful ones.

Bottom Line:

If a relationship is causing discomfort, the sooner you get back to feeling wonderful, the better.  There’s a story that can do it!  I’m here to help if needed.

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