The danger of self-judgment

The easiest way I know to master this stuff is to just keep checking and reminding yourself you’re trying to make your energy primary.  Our habit of responding to our thoughts and emotions have made us robots to our mix.  You’re learning to use your self-awareness to simply be aware when your emotions are not wonderful and trying to use your breathing and story techniques to get you back in control.  The difficulty is our concerns and frustrations are so ingrained in us we don’t even recognize when we’re bothered because it seems so normal.  And then we can compound our problems when we judge ourselves for not catching ourselves quicker, producing feels of we’re not good enough.  This causes us to retreat from the process—not good.

Once you see all judgment of yourself only interferes with what you want you’ll be able to catch it quicker.  The hard part is trusting just by getting back into a wonderful emotionally state your mix will give you the best thoughts and emotions to move you forward.  Notice, when you evaluate your performance when you feel wonderful you see much more of what’s going on, so the learning is so much clearer than when you’re evaluating yourself all wrapped up in your worries or anger (judgements).  You begin to see your efforts as who you are without judgment, which makes it much easier to change things up.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m happy and grateful when I see my mistakes because I can see them and fix them quickly so I’m better because of them.  I no longer walk around thinking I wasn’t good enough.  Did that for way too long.

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