Why the process works

Life’s basic goal is two steps.  The first goal is to survive, and the second is to procreate.  If life dies before it procreates the species goes extinct.  We are all driven strongly by these two basic life instincts and that will never change.  Everything we do is somewhat driven by these two aspects of all life.  For life, right from the beginning of time, and unfortunately for too many humans, it’s still fight or flee in order to survive.  Some of us are fortunate not to be in danger of our survival on a daily basis, but we treat all our problems as if they’re life and death, and therefore carry around tons of stress when there’s really no need to.  By understanding our anger and fear are no longer in our best interest of survival, our brain will automatically shift its belief system to getting back in control when we get worked-up.  Notice, life doesn’t change its desire to survive, it changes the method it uses to accomplish it.  Now, instead of fighting or fleeing, we’re getting back in control before we respond.  That’s why our process works; it increases our mental and physical chances of survival!!

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