Two methods in experiencing the moment

If you take the time to think about what you experience, you’ll find you’re always experiencing the moment you’re in.  You never can jump back into your past or leap into your future.  What happens when you think about the past or the future you get the thoughts/feelings they give you in the moment.  Your present is never escapable.  I’ve been thinking about the choices I have in terms of how I want to experience my present moments.  When doing so it was easy for me to see I have basically two methods I use to experience my present moments.

Feel wonderful in the moment and let whatever the wonderful energy motivates me to do, to then do it.

Be in the moment thinking about what I should do today to make, or not make, a certain future happen.

What I’ve found is I end up dealing with the same situations and issues no what method I use.  This happens because we all are automatically driven by whatever is going on in our life.  Using either method won’t stop that.  So, whether we’re feeling wonderful about it, or worried and concerned about it, we’ll sure be thinking and doing something about it.  The difference is these two different methods produce two very different outcomes.  In the first method, I don’t need to use any mental energy to think about what to think or do.  I just let whatever enters my mind lead the way.  It’s an effortless process.  The second method makes me use my mental energy to ‘figure out’ what to do.  This is not effortless for me and I am mentally exhausted when I’m done.  No rocket science needed to guess which method produces the best outcome.

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