When I use this, it works great. The problem I’m having is I ‘forget’ I haven’t checked myself until after I’ve lost it. Any suggestions?

What you’re feeling is very normal.  Remember, the way our brain works is we need to build new passageways up in our head to be different.  Since you’re just starting to build them it takes time until they’re ‘strong’ enough to become habit. Just keep doing the experiments and you’ll find over time you’ll not only catch yourself when you start losing it, you’ll find you won’t need to do it as much because you’re more under control!

What’s a simple technique I can use when I ‘catch’ myself so I have a set way of getting back in control:

The easy one I use is just to take slow deep breaths while I remind myself I’m experimenting with what happens when I calm down and get back in emotional control before I proceed.  The key is to catch yourself; that’s the hard part because that’s how we’ve been reacting most of our lives. Most of us find that once we catch ourselves, just a few slow deep breaths while reminding ourselves of why we’re doing the experiment gets us stable again.   If this doesn’t work you need to experiment with changing your point of view through using the ‘storytelling’ techniques.

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