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Coaching sessions will guide you through difficult situations and help achieve your personal goals. Areas of coaching I provide….


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teens and young adults

Many times teenagers or young adults are easily distracted because of their busy lives and need more hands-on supervision. They resist most forms of support from adults and since they’re not looking for any coaching, it’s usually the concerned parent that contacts me. I’ve gained much practical experience dealing with parents and their children over the years. Those experiences helped me start and operate a non-profit which supports teens and young adults in emotional control and social skills. Nothing more satisfying than successfully helping young people move ahead and gain confidence.


Having 4 healthy and happy children and 8 grandchildren has been quite a trip! When we understand why we are what we are, we then can understand better why our children are like they are and be in a position to guide them. We can’t control our children, and the science is showing as parents we are not as influential in our children’s lives as we use to think. So, knowing how to be the best support system for our children is being the best we can be.

intimate relationships

Having been divorced twice, but currently in a wonderful 25-year relationship has had me experience the ups and downs of intimate relationships. When the pressure is at its highest, life is pure hell. The revolving door of being in chaotic relationships has led many people to my doorstep.

handling competitive pressure

My whole life has been one competitive situation after another. I still enjoy the pressure of growing my business in helping others and still played in sanctioned golf tournaments; recently shooting my age. Whether it is golf, business or any other competitive activity, handling the pressure is a must.

Public speaking

As a businessowner and a life coach, a big part of my job is transferring what I know in simple, short narratives. Fortunately, it’s one of my biggest strengths. Whether it’s a job interview, or speaking in front of groups, learning how to overcome our fear of speaking, so we can communicate efficiently, goes a long way to increasing our success.


Having experienced the daily pressure of running businesses for over 40 years makes me know the pressures business owners consistently face. Many of my prior individual engagements were supporting business owners in staying in control when things get messy.


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