All alone.  Not a good place to be when we’re depressed, but a place we seem to find when we are depressed.  Most of us suffer depression at one time or another.  Some of us are the lucky ones who don’t visit that city too often.  Suicides now out-number deaths by breast cancer and driving fatalities combined.  A prominent University is hanging nets under bridges students are using to commit suicide.  The largest increase in suicide is in the over 50 crowd.  Mass shootings, aside from terrorist attacks, seem to have separation and/or depression somewhere in the shadows.  It’s becoming clearer that mental health is becoming a major problem for society.  As automation and technology is drastically changing the workplace, the future is concerning.  Finding the answers to the issues of depression will benefit us all.  A big job for sure.  We can do an important part by reaching out and letting those we interact with know we value them.  Sending others your wonderful energy feels good and does them so much good.  When we as a society make supporting others more important than trolling and throwing shade on others, I believe then we’re headed in the right direction.  Unfortunately, not the normal human response.  Be different!!

Coach Bob-knowledge+action=success. @realchangecoach